The Dresser as an Institute of Fashion Designing, the idea its self came when we started designing and manufacturing for students of Fashion Designing from other Institutes.

We found that students only have Certificates as Fashion Designer but have no knowledge of creating garments by themselves, they are literally dependent on the Boutiques or Studios.  

Institutes giving only basics of designing, ornamentation, etc and that too mainly theoretical aspects, in the field of drafting, cutting & stitching (pattern making) is of no use, as these theories, a student can learn from google or YouTube.

And being in India the Institute of Fashion Designing should include Indian fashion wear in their syllabus. but still than Indian Saree blouses are not included in the courses.

THE DRESSER Institute of fashion designing,  aims only on providing practical knowledge of fashion designing & pattern making to all who are interested in the field of fashion industry and start their career within the short period of time.

The Dresser is dedicated only to provide practical training in Fashion Designing & Patternmaking rather wasting your precious time and money

The courses provided in the Dresser Institute helps a person with the zero knowledge to draft, cut & stitch their own garments as well as take customers orders and have the ability to make it to perfection & to the satisfaction of the customers.


Since than we are now in the league of the recognized Fashion Designing Institute and having trained students all over India.

We welcome all readers to visit us for the course details.


Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and their lifestyle accessories.

It is divided into two basic categories: haute couture and ready-to-wear.

HAUTE COUTURE: The haute couture collection is dedicated to certain customers and is custom sized to fit these customers exactly

READY-TO-WEAR OR PRÊT-À-PORTER: Ready-to-wear collections are standard sized, not custom made.

FASHION DESIGN IS A FORM OF ART. To work as a designer, you should have an artistic and creative personality. You also have to be good at drawing and able to express your ideas in sketches. You don’t necessarily have to be a great artist, but you must have some special skills for combining colors, tones and shades. You also have to be able to work with fabric and use textiles in a creative and original manner.

Fashion designers have a good visual imagination and are able to think in three-dimensions and put their ideas into garments.

A good understanding of the audience’s lifestyle and customer needs and requirements is also needed in fashion design. Designers should have good communication skills and be able to express their ideas clearly.

But most important, they have to be very original and have fresh, innovative ideas.

What is Designing consist of?

  1. Illustration
  2. Design process
  3. Embroidery
  4. Designing Fashion CAD:
  5. Photoshop
  6. Adobe Illustrator



Patternmaking is art of converting the concept or visions of the Designer into a live garment.

All Technical Designers/Pattern Makers are designers, but not all designers are Technical Designers/Pattern Makers.

Basically pattern is a template which is traced onto the fabric, following which the fabric is cut and assembled. A patternmaker generally uses the pattern paper to create patterns. We can say pattern making is blue print for making any garment.

Blueprints helps in maximum utilization of fabric & will control fabric wastage.

Patterns are the technical drafting or Drawing of the garment giving the entire specifications & instruction for cutting & construction of the garment. Patterns are drafting based on standards size charts or Dress forms or taking personal measurements. Further these measurements are used in making 2D patterns or 3d Patterns (Draping) in making garments.

If one wants to be a successful fashion designer then he or she should be well versed with the technical concepts of Patternmaking (Technical Designer or Patternmaker) in constructing different styles of Garments.

Pattern Making is very interesting and essential for students as it gives them the ability to interpret Designs and understand the technical aspects.

There are only two methods of patternmaking.

  1. Flat patternmaking (2D Patternmaking)

Here accurate measurements from a dress form or a figure are taken, then measurements are turned into a pattern using paper

  1. 3D Patternmaking (Draping)

Here muslin fabric is draped around a dress form or figure to achieve specific Design.

Pattern Making is a practical and application based subject

  1. Pattern making     
  2. CAD Patternmaking
  3. Garment construction (Sewing).